"The Skilled Professionals Behind Your Smile"

                       Services Offered:

The following is a list of procedures that Dr. Sosna regularly performs in the office:



Bone Grafting- Major and Minor

Cyst Removal

Dental Implants

Diagnosis and treatment of disease, infections, and abnormalities of the face and mouth

Dry Socket Treatment

Emergency Surgery



General Anesthesia

Jaw Surgery- fractures, preparation for implants, and reconstruction

Local Anesthesia

Oral Pathology

Orthognathic Surgery

Periapical Surgery

Tissue Grafting

TMJ Treatment

Tumor Removal

Wisdom Tooth Surgery

*Please note that the procedures available are not limited to this list. If you are interested in a procedure that you do not see listed above, please feel free to contact us and our knowledgeable staff will be happy to assist you.